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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

(Somewhere over the Rainbow) Sparks

Alright, I know, I know, I left off on sort of a cliffhanger. I haven't really had time to keep up with this journal thing. Life's been moving pretty fast for Briar Leyman. I'll start where I left off.

I spent a while talking to Debra that night. About everything. About Dad, about Guin, and about you. I was finally beginning to think that people might not suck, you know? And then it was gone, and I felt like crap. It wasn't this bad since you left. For some reason, she didn't throw me out as soon as she heard that I'm the reason that people always seem to lose their change in the wash. And she cut me a deal, too. She wouldn't call the cops, or social services, or any of the crap. Instead, she wanted me to work. For her. Apparently she had a kid and a husband at home that needed attention, and was looking to take a break anyway. All I had to do was show up. So I did. I went straight. Look at me now, a shining example of morality. Ha. Like I'll ever be good. But she seems to believe in me. Guin does, too. Not sure why. She forgave me. I thought that only happens in bad movies. But she knows about Dad, now. She visited once when I wasn't there. When I got home, they were laughing. Laughing! I haven't heard laughter in that place for a long time. I kinda like it. She knows about you, too. She thinks I should look for you. She wants to help, too. I was against it, at first. But then there was a rainbow in the sky. I don't remember ever actually seeing one before. I looked it up, the other day. There hasn't been a rainbow around Winthrop Place in twenty years. 2389 rainy days, but no rainbow. This one leads to the woods, over on the north side of town. So that's the direction I'll go first. Guin's coming too.

To the absent mother:
I am ready to find you
Love, your rising son.