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Monday, October 3, 2016

#3 - Mud

Some random group was hosting a "forum" or whatever at the bar. My dad said I should go, and make friends or whatever. I think he forgot that the drinking age was twenty one. Well, I might as well see if I can sneak one anyway. We did somehow get invited.

I nodded to the bartender as I stepped in. I knew him a little too well for someone that technically wasn't allowed in here. The person from that group was already talking, I was late. But then I saw that girl from earlier. The one I stole from earlier. I couldn't let her see me, what if she knew?

I snuck into the crowd, hoping no one would notice just another face. That's all I really was, anyway. The people on stage started prattling on about "energy efficiency" and "saving the environment" and all that jazz. They were just here to sell something, I knew it. That's the only reason anyone talks to me. I kept one eye on her, though. I knew her name, it was in her wallet. Guinevere. It stood out in my head; nobody deserves that pretty of a name. She seemed to be rapt in attention to the talk.

Eventually they got to the point. They were selling these "gold star" washing machines, which supposedly used 30% water. I thought it was all BS. And who the hell were they trying to sell to, anyway? Nobody in this town could afford any of that. I stopped listening around then, and started paying more attention to Guinevere.

She was trying to pay attention, but it was difficult. They were pretty much just saying the same thing over and over again. Eventually, her eyes wandered. And then they met mine, and widened.

I looked away quickly, of course. But after leaving to the bathroom, she scooted closer to me, and whispered:

"Hey! It's the guy who helped me when I was in a rush. I wanted to thank you, I would never have made it to the train on time, but you left in a hurry. What's your name?"

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